• Edumagik is an education startup that strives to bring about a radical change in the way students learn.
  • Our mission is to bring innovations in the learning system and make the overall learning fun, interesting and application based.
  • Our philosophy is that education can be fun - all that we need are innovative and more user friendly ways of learning. Tools like mnemonics, animations and witty associations help make learning fun and effective. 
  • VocabMagik is an initiative by us to help students who end up mugging wordlists for competitive exams (like CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT), learn vocabulary in a fun and effective way.


  • Vocabmagik works on the concept of VAP via COMBS.
  • It’s a known fact that brain remembers pictures better.
  • The more connections that one makes with the brain, the more is the processing speed of the brain, and the more one would remember.
  • VocabMagik uses mnemonics supported by animated humorous cartoons, that tug at the visual senses of the user along with their sense of humor.